Work environment

SONACONS has built a professional working environment and good remuneration policy for all officers and employees over the past 45 years. The policies on salary, bonus, allowances ... are taken care of carefully in order to ensure the highest quality of material and spiritual life of employees.
Work environment

Promotion opportunities

Sonacons has human resource development programs for each specific object and position. Introductory / refresher courses are regularly opened to update professional knowledge and skills...

In addition, Sonacons has the advantage of internal training thanks to its strong and mature staff from the program to replace foreign experts.

Working at Sonacons, employees are trained from the reality of oil and gas technical service activities, this is the fastest way for young adults to grow up.
Promotion opportunities

Attractive welfare policy

  • Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance according to regulations
  • Accident insurance 24/24
  • Uniform
  • Travel according to the company's regulations
  • Giving gifts to employees' children on International Children's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Giving gifts to female employees on the occasion of March 8 and October 20
  • Visiting relatives / relatives of employees
  • Enjoy Holidays
  • 13th month salary bonus
  • Salary increase according to the Company's regulations
  • Annual leave
Attractive welfare policy

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